Colorado Eviction Laws Don’t Have to Be Confusing

Have you ever looked at the rental and eviction laws in Colorado?

An eviction in Colorado can seem overwhelming when you first start to research the process.  After all you are under pressure already.  When a tenant falls behind on their payments that are owed to you, you are stuck paying the mortgage!  The tenant may share a sob story of job loss or medical expenses but those “stories” won’t help you pay the mortgage on your rental property.

As you start to examine your options of Eviction in Colorado, we invite you to consider a few key steps to protect yourself and protect the rights of the tenant.

  1. Notice must be provided
  2. Follow the deadline as instructed by the law
  3. Follow all the rules and don’t make “exceptions” because of a tenant story
  4. Let each party do their job (Sheriff, Judge, etc)

Don’t get tenant stories slow your eviction process.  While there are many good intentioned tenants there are also many people who will take advantage of your generosity and attempt to delay the eviction process.

The court system of Colorado makes the forms available to help you start the process.  Don’t forget to check the Court website to get the latest form revisions as using old forms could slow your eviction down.  Every day later that a bad tenant is in your property is more money that you aren’t receiving.

Note: We are not a lawyer service and any legal question should be directed to an attorney who specializes in evictions.  All information provided here is designed to help you discover more about eviction and save you time should that service be required.