When You Need More than Just an Eviction…

Dear Home Owner,

Is it tough to decide if you need just an eviction or even need to sell your investment property?  Don’t delay, get the help you want NOW at 303-523-3568 and we will be happy to help you now.

A Demanding Work Schedule and Help Beyond Eviction…

Do you have a demanding work schedule already?  Do you get that pit in your stomach feeling at the thought of going to court?  Are you tired of being a property owner and want to find out how you could get an eviction and sell your property for top dollar?

Besides an eviction process you may have other needs.  After helping homeowners throughout Colorado with their evictions we realized that our clients had additional needs.  We wanted to let you know that you don’t have to search the internet for additional help.  There are three common areas that most clients want help with that are related to an eviction.

Showing Up In Court

Going to court can burn many hours in your day.  The court system is not very efficient and waiting for your time to be called can be stressful if you haven’t gone through it before.  Instead of trying to determine when, where, and what you need to say while in court, we can assist you and if an attorney is needed we work with attorneys that have experience in eviction.  You don’t have to worry about facing the judge or your tenant in court to ensure the process is a success.

With just a simple sheet of paper, you can empower us to go to court on your behalf and keep your eviction process moving in the right direction.

Ask an Attorney with REAL Experience

Searching for an attorney online can be challenging.  Trying to determine what you should pay, what they actually do, and what risks you are exposed to is frightening.  While we aren’t a legal firm, we have established relationships with attorneys throughout Colorado to ensure you can get access to practical legal advice.

You don’t have to search online or flip through the yellow pages to find an attorney who understands what needs to be done.  We will be happy to share our list of attorneys who will match your budget and personality.  Before we refer any attorney, we want you to feel confident that we have worked with them before.  Even when you don’t need our services, we will be happy to share our list of attorneys, when you simply call us at 303-523-3568.  Just say “give me your list of attorneys” and I will be happy to share.

Get Your Colorado Property Sold For Top Dollar!

Are you tired of the hassle of your investment property?  Does the thought of having to go through another eviction process just make you look at your property in disgust?  Maybe it’s time to consider selling your investment property.

As a licensed real estate broker in Colorado, we can evaluate your property, share with you its market price, and give you the options on how it can be sold for top dollar.  We have programs that can enable you to get your investment property sold in as little as 29 days.

When you want to discover how you can get access to our attorney list, get representation in court, or have your property evaluated for sale, simply fill out our Contact Form and we will respond within 24 hours to help you achieve your goals.

When you contact us for your Colorado Eviction, we want you to know that we are different.  We have a powerful 5 Point Promise for all of our clients.

  1. 100% guarantee you will legally get your property back
  2. 10-Day Notice posted within 24 hours guaranteed.
  3. 95% “Personal Service” success rate of FED.
  4. WRIT of Restitution delivered to Sheriff same day issued from court guarantee.
  5. Handle all communication with tenant from time of executed service agreement. NO More Stories Guaranteed!

We help with Colorado Eviction