Process and Terminology of Evicting A Tenant in Colorado

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We understand that you don’t have time to research the process and terminology that is involved with performing an eviction in Colorado.  The legal documents, process filing deadlines, and verbiage that the legal community uses can just be confusing!  When you want to save yourself time and understand the process immediately, I invite you to call me direct at 303-523-3568.

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When a Denver, Colorado tenant first falls behind on the payment they owe you it can be a challenging moment.  You might at first feel bad for your tenant.  After all, everyone runs into tough times, what does it matter if you give them a few days…right?

It’s human nature to have sympathy.  You might feel like you are doing them a favor by letting them deliver their rent a few days later than expected.  Unfortunately your kindness could end up costing you thousands.  When people get behind on their rent to you it is a difficult time, but not just for them!  By not receiving the rent you are owed, you now have to pay the mortgage on your rental.

Most people who own 1-3 rental properties haven’t had to run into the challenge of eviction.  In a tough economy though, many people are faced with unemployment and that means that they won’t be just 3 days late on their rent, they might not be able to pay you at all.  If a tenant doesn’t pay you the rent owed and continues to stay in your property that leaves you in a tough position.

You can strike a balance of being kind and still protecting your property.  One of the first steps to take when a tenant falls behind on their payments is to file a Demand of Compliance.  A Demand of Compliance or a Notice to Quit starts the process of eviction.  Even though the process of eviction process gets started it can still be aborted.  Should the tenant come up with the rent amount owed you can easily stop the process.

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An eviction doesn’t have to be an expensive undertaking.  Many attorneys, although well intention, might try to scare you with legal formalities when it comes to the eviction process.  While there are some great attorneys available to do evictions you could end up spending upwards of $1,500 just to get out the tenant who owes you money!

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Additional collection information entitled “Instructions for Collecting a Judgment and Completing a Writ of Garnishment” (JDF 82) is available on the state judicial website,  Select the “Forms” tab, then select County Civil or District Civil, and then select Garnishments.